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17776: What football will look like in the future


17776 is a serialized speculative fiction multimedia narrative by Jon Bois, published online through SB Nation (wikipedia). it's essentially a webcomic but-not-really. a webcomic without all the fucking clicking and X-ing out ads and more clicking and paywalls and whatever.

it's about these 3 space probes (pioneer 9, pioneer 10, JUpiter ICy moons Explorer) doing jackshit in the middle of fucking nowhere, space. since they have nothing to do but waste time they watch a lot of football. except it isn't boring as absolute shit because this is NEW football. it's fucked up and evil football that can stretch on for thousands of years.

why is that you may ask? because humans can no longer die.

that's the subplot though, the main plot is football, the more interesting of the two topics. /s

this goddamn space probe comic has done nothing but eat away at my braincells since reading it. it is so fucking worth it even if you hate football. i hate football and i fucking love 17776 "football". read it. go on. do it.

Vast Error

Vast Error is an actual webcomic. still no ads though. not going to address the amount of clicking, you get used to it.

it's about quite a lot of shit. too much shit. so much shit it will piss you off and make you not want to read it. fear not, the protagonist feels the same way.

in an attempt not to spoil too much, i'll tell you this. this is a webcomic about a prick and his asshole friends who play a game that ends the world. you heard of homestuck? it's that but it doesn't suck dick and waste two thousand pages shitting about a bedroom looking at posters. it only wastes like 30 pages on that.